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Holy Shit!!
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the only show that Nickelodeon ever plays anymore ever since Drake
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iCarly is about a 16 year old with a pot addcited best friend and a boy who goes on the show so

so he can love with Carly.

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iCarly is my pussy
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Fat Guy

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Episodes Edit

=== Season Nubb ===


Carly,Sam,and Fredward seek the the nubb.

iStill Seek the Nubb

Carly and Sam see that Miss.Briggs is in the hands of the Nubb

(i)This Is the only episode with Sam in it

Sam fights Miss.Briggs and Sam becomes a dariy inspector

iKilled Miss.Briggs

Sam thorws Miss.Briggs in a Fish Hatchery

Characters Edit

Carly Shay Edit

Carly enjoys smoothies and hobos & is a fake character.

Sam Puckit Edit

I Like Fried Chicken

Fredie Benson Edit

Freddie is a

Spencer Shay Edit

He's an LOL Character

Ms.Briggs Edit

Is an old hag who likes to play bag pipes

Gibby Edit

He's so Gibby

Season 1 Edit

IKiss Sam Edit

Freddie kisses Sam.

iLike Big Butts Edit

Carly and Freddie see that Ms.Briggs has a huge buttocks.

iPad Edit

Spencer gets an iPad.

iRue the Day Edit

Carly meets a little dick named Nevel.

iFeel the Rue Edit

Nevel kisses Carly and his mom whipps his ass.

iFarted Edit

Freddie farts during iCarly.

iWant Candy Edit

Sam wants to get bacon flavor bubble gum.

Season 2,3,4 Edit


a 6 hour web cast


give me a beer.

iLewbert Edit

Lewbert,Carly,Sam, and Freddie pops Lewberts wart

iGibby Edit

Gibby takes off his shirt.

other Characters Edit

Nevel Edit

little dick who loves Carly.

Lewbert Edit

Mentaly retarted Floor Man

Mrs.Benson Edit


Girly Cow Edit

a cartoon by Dan Schneider

Girly Cow Part 2(00:00)
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Crap Edit


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