GO Captain

Captain K'nuckles is a Candy loving bum who lives in a stupid whale and he also lives with a mentaly changed Flapjack out in the middle of the ocean and K'nuckles believes a make believe place called Candy Island.(not to be confused with the similarly named Knuckles the Echidna).

K'nuckles himself Edit

adventure and sailor, Captain K'nuckles of Stormalong has been on many adventures with Flapjack but Bubbie the whale has hesitant to take K'nuckles out of Stormalong ( Because Bubbie hates K'nuckles )K'Nuckles is not relative to Flapjack so Bubbie hates K'nuckles

thumb|324px|left|One of the adventures

Candied Island Edit

K'Nuckles went to John Lennon's house in 1971 so John told the story to K'Nuckles and K'Nuckles believed John Lennon




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